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The Swamp Queen cruises quietly down Bayou Segnette just minutes from the sounds of Bourbon Street.

Kids love Cajun Critters
ith Cajun Critters Swamp Tours, a Cajun guide is provided and safe passage is assured. Ride in comfort aboard the splendid SWAMP QUEEN, a fully Coast Guard approved vessel, complete with handicap accomodations. Our tours depart from the end of Bayou Segnette, a traditional seafood trading center.

Many Cajun fisherman still sell their catch right here from little wooden shacks nearby. For years, the restaurant where our tours gather has supplied famous eateries around the country with freshly shucked oysters these fisherman have harvested from nearby estuaries. While waiting for the tour to begin, order one of their great oyster or roast beef
po-boys or maybe try some fresh boiled crawfish or shrimp.

At Cajun Critters, we love the outdoors. These bayous, marshes, and swamps are the cornerstone of our heritage. We want your cruise with us to be a memorable and enjoyable occasion. Whatever your special request, be it private crawfish boil, bachelor party or corporate outing complemented by a cajun band, call us and we'll arrange it for you. When your cruise has concluded, beautiful gifts to remember it by are also available.

What is a po-boy?

A "Po-boy" is a sandwich similar to a "Hogie". The name originates from the term Poor Boy's Sandwich and generally applies to any sandwich made with freshly baked "French Bread", a long, narrow loaf of bread traditional to New Orleans. (French Bread evolved from the narrow baguettes sold long ago in the French Quarter.) When ordering a po-boy or any sandwich in New Orleans, you'll be asked if you want your sandwich 'dressed'. Don't be alarmed; that's N'awlins way of asking if you want lettuce and tomatoes on your sandwich.


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